DBP Library cares for kids

Main Library cares for kids

Thursday, June 14, 2007
TO THIS day, the public library in the capital continues to function like a day care centre, with working parents dropping off children as young as five years old at the Dewan Perpustakaan.

Library staff do not say the library is designed to offer child-minding services, but many parents actually leave their children, aged between five and 12, at the library before heading for work.

Children are being dropped off daily by their busy parents. Although it may appear as a negative issue for some, the kids are benefiting from it in more ways than just being looked after.

“The eager children are being dropped off by their parents rushing to work as early as 7.45am, the typical time school starts,” said Hjh Rapiah Hj Samsudin, an assistant librarian. Parents usually picked them up for lunch, and drop them off at the library again at 2pm before their parents head back to work.

This applies to only a small minority of the kids that spend their school holidays at the library.

The staff prepare various tasks and reading-related activities for the children. She added that there is no charge for the provisions and services. The kids are encouraged to read whenever they have enough free time to do so. Those who have finished reading a book are asked to briefly explain what the book is about. Diligent children are awarded with small prizes and the occasional excursion. Hjh Rapiah added that there are usually more kids during school holidays and weekends.

The Brunei Times


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