Indonesian delegates visit DBP

Indonesian delegates visit to main library

Wednesday, July 23, 2008
THE the main library of the Language and Literature Bureau in the capital yesterday hosted a visit by some 35 members of a library movement from Indonesia .

According to Hj Suprihati, head of the Gerakan Pemasyarakatan Minat Baca Indonesia (GPMB), the visit was to expand the vision and enhance knowledge of the members, to foster relations and cooperation among librarians outside Indonesia.

The delegates which came from various parts of Indonesia were in Miri, Malaysia before coming to Brunei for a two-day stay.

During the visit the delegation was presented with a slideshow on activities and events conducted by the library as well as its structural organisation by the Chief Librarian, Hj Sahari Hj Nassar.

He told the visitors that the main library boasts as many as 500,000 books which are both in Malay and English on various subjects such as history, science and religion.

The Indonesian delegates were also informed about the mobile library which go to some of the schools and rural areas in the country.

He said the Language and Literature Bureau put great emphasis on the importance of reading and relentlessly making efforts to promote reading culture in Brunei, such as organising Reading Month, an annual activity of the bureau. This year’s Reading Month was held last month.At the end of the slide show presentation, there was a question and answers session where delegates had asked questions mostly about the different dialects in the country. There were also talks on the exchange of books between the libraries in both countries.

The delegation was then taken for a tour of the library. (AIS1)

The Brunei Times