Pelita Brunei gets new look

By James Kon, Borneo Bulletin, 24FEB2010

The official government newspaper Pelita Brunei, which has a long illustrious history that dates back to February 15, 1956, will sport a new look starting with today’s issue.

The launch of the new-look issue comes with the new masthead of Pelita Brunei, which shows the slogan “Membudayakan Masyarakat Bermaklumat” or to inculcate information society.

The slogan is the motto of Pelita Brunei and has been the vision of the Information Department under Prime Minister’s Office.

The new masthead emphasises on Jawi wordings that portray the true value of nationhood, Islam and the Bruneian identity.

Today’s new-look Pelita Brunei will be printed on a special white colour paper, which will raise the quality of the printing compared with the newsprint that has been used since 1976. The design and layout will be more colourful including the content of pictures, illustration, headlines and background.

All the new features and colourful content, as well as the upgraded quality of the newspaper, will roll from its new printing machine “Web Offset Goss Magnum”, which has replaced the old Web Offset Harris that was used since 1982.

According to Dr Muhammad Melayong, Director of Information, “In addition to researching of interesting reading materials for the readers, the new change will help the Information Department and Government Printing Department in reducing the cost of printing Pelita Brunei, which is in line with the government policy of saving.”

He added, “It is practical to increase further the quality, content and design of Pelita Brunei, however more important is the knowledge and information that we impart to members of the public, which is the responsibility and task trusted to the Information Department as the information disseminating agent to the community and people of the country.”

The Director of Information said that the new change is also timely with the original objective of Pelita Brunei that was said a titah by the late Sultan Haji Omar Ali Saifuddien Sa’adul Khairi Waddien, 54 years ago.

Dr Muhammad Melayong added, “Pelita Brunei celebrated its 54th anniversary on February 15, 2010 and the paper will be distributed in a new appearance that is in line with current global printing technological development fulfilling the taste and needs of stakeholders or members of the public.”

He also said that the department is open to suggestions to make the official government newspaper more popular.

Meanwhile, Pengiran Haji Zainal Abidin bin Pg Seri Wijaya Pg Hj ahmad, Acting Director of Printing, said of the new machine, “It can print 24 colour pages if there is a need. It can also print a maximum of 72 pages in a combination of colours as well as black and white which maybe needed in the future.

“The machine is built by US company that has a factory based in Shanghai, China. The technology is from US and complies to the European standard,” he added.

When asked about the circulation of Pelita Brunei, he said, “Pelita Brunei currently has a circulation of 19,000. If there is a need to increase the circulation based on a higher demand of readership, our new machine can still cope. We are always ready and the machine can run seven days a week. This machine can print 35,000 copies an hour.”

The guest of honour who launched the new-look Pelita Brunei, as well as the new printing machine was Pehin Orang Kaya Orang Seri Dewa Major General (Rtd) Dato Seri Pahlawan Hj Awang Mohammad bin Hj Daud, Minister of Energy, in a ceremony held at the Government Printing Department.

Also present were senior officials from various ministries.