TelBru doubles bandwidth

By Narissa Noor, BB 3 April 2010

Telekom Brunei Berhad (TelBru) announced, yesterday, that it has elevated the peak bandwidth of its broadband network to 5mbps – double its current broadband speeds.

The upgrade, effective since April 1, 2010, will provide a much-needed boost to the Internet bandwidth for all e-Speed subscribers while maintaining current service costs.

The announcement will come as a relief for most of Telbru’s e-Speed subscribers who have long expressed their dissatisfaction of the provider’s Internet service.

TelBru completed upgrading all its lines to the next generation ADSL2+ technology last year and is now in a position to provide at least a double-fold jump in its current broadband speeds.

TelBru, however, revealed that a small percentage of subscribers in the country may still be undergoing the overall upgrade process but ensures that they will be able to benefit from higher speeds once it is completed.

In a press statement, Lim Ming Soon, the general manager of TelBru’s Product Development, Marketing and Sales Division, said, “The upgrade will enable customers to enjoy Internet speeds that are on par with the minimum offered by regional Internet service providers, as well as Web 2.0, video streaming and other bandwidth-hungry Internet applications with greater ease. Users will now be able to access content faster than ever before with the upgraded speeds.”

Meanwhile, TelBru also announced that it is “well on its way” in implementing fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) “in the near future”, adding that they are “aware” that the inherent quality of copper cables may have its limitations in the delivery of bandwidth speed.

“As subscriber demand grows, delivering a world-class broadband experience requires a strong technology foundation. Through this, we will significantly improve our overall network performance, allowing us to continue offering the best available broadband services to our customers,” said the general manager.

With the roll-out of the bandwidth increase timed concurrently with TelBru’s 4th anniversary celebrations, the company, as a leading internet service provider in the country, “is committed to continuous innovation as well as improving the quality and breadth of its service offerings as a key factor to maintain its leadership”, said Ming Soon.


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