TelBru signs contract to boost BruNet’s core network infrastructure

By Azaraimy HH  Borneo Bulletin 22 Apr 2010

Telekom Brunei Berhad (TelBru) yesterday put pen to paper on another multi-million contract with a local company, Advantel Communications Sdn Bhd, to revamp and improve BruNet’s core network infrastructure.

Signing on behalf of TelBru during the ceremony held at its headquarters on Old Airport Road was TelBru’s Managing Director Song Kin Koi, while Pg Aki Sufrin Pg Hj Ibrahim, Director of Advantel, signed on behalf of his company in the presence of Dato Paduka Hj Othman Hj Ya’akub, TelBru’s Board of Directors’ Chairman.

The signing was hailed as TelBru’s effort to promote faster Internet in Brunei through the development of a more efficient core Internet network. With Asia-America Gateway (AAG) already in commission this month, the eventual deployment of Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) will provide an integration of three key elements to facilitate superior Internet connection for the Sultanate in the future.

The project, which will take approximately nine months to complete, will involve the expansion, redesign and refinement of the BruNet infrastructure to prepare for the anticipated growth in demand for Internet Service Provider (ISP) services in the near future.

“Besides complementing on the bandwidth upgrade earlier this month, this project will undoubtedly provide an integration platform for broadband advancements in the country. The users will experience truly fast Internet through this revamp as complemented by the commissioning of AAG and the future deployment of FTTH,” said Song Kin Koi.

“With this BruNet project, the network’s infrastructure revamp will increase our system’s capabilities to control and accommodate bandwidth-hungry requirements of Internet applications such as VoIP, YouTube, peer-to-peer networking and improve users’ web-surfing experiences through lower latency rates and shorter waiting times.

“It is part of the measures being taken at TelBru to achieve its vision of becoming a leading ISP in the region,” added Song. Upon the completion of this project, existing services such as an e-mail and web-hosting will be significantly enhanced, while new value-added services such as user-based email security solutions, online storage services and peering and transit services are in the pipeline.

New critical security features will also be embedded in the revamp to be in accordance with international ISP standards.

Advantel Communications Sdn Bhd is partnering with overseas companies Hewlett-Packard (M) Sdn Bhd, Xanadu Sdn Bhd and Applied Business System Sdn Bhd (ABS), who have a strong presence in the region and will be leveraging on their strength, experience and specialties to implement the project.


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