AITI launches programme to boost participants’ ICT competencies

By Syafiq Affendy, Borneo Bulletin 9 Nov 2010

Information Communication Technology (ICT) has been at the heart of economic change for more than a decade, and the ICT sector plays an important role notably by contributing to rapid technological progress and productivity growth.

This was stated in a speech by the Chief Executive of AITI, Hj Yahkup bin Hj Menudin at the launch of the AITI ICT Competency Programme yesterday, at the iLM Academy, Knowledge Hub in Anggerek Desa.

The programme is part of a joint project between the Authority of Info-communications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AITI) and iLM Academy, which aims to develop such ICT training into successful initiatives with job creating opportunities.

“I see this programme as timely and critical to our current collective efforts to boost local ICT knowledge and skills,” Hj Yahkup said in his speech.

“Our success in this programme will be measured (based) on our ability to ensure that the participants acquire a set of key skills that would enable them to contribute towards the growth of our economy in general and the ICT industry in particular.”

The chief executive further said that human capacity building in the ICT sector is essential for Brunei in its efforts to further develop the national ICT strategies for sustainable development and rapid transformation within the industry.

“The speed of ICT development and change has a major impact on our learning and development needs, and the shortage of internal talent and skills can be an organisation’s greatest challenge,” he said.

“In our efforts to develop and promote the growth of our local ICT industry, we are keen to foster more collaboration with numerous partners in ICT knowledge and skills creation. This is crucial because ICT has the potential and capacity to contribute positively to the personal development and future economic well-being of the individual, developing their skills of working independently and cooperatively, and in most cases, motivating and engaging (the individual). This hopefully will transform not only our business sector but also every sector of our society.”

According to Hj Yahkup, the ICT Competency Programme has been identified as one of the flagship programmes of AITI that is aimed at building human capacity and physical development on ICT, the key elements being “skilled, professional and certified”.

AITI has appointed four local training institutions – iLM Academy, Infomars Technology and Solution, HAD Technologies and AT E-Knowledge Solutions – as partners to run 12 ICT training courses that offer a wide range of ICT fields and levels.

Hj Yahkup expressed hope that the competency programme would enable the participants to grab the opportunity to upgrade their IT knowledge and proficiency and equip them with “the competitive edge in the challenging work environment”.

ILM Academy, a wholly owned company of Telekom Brunei Berhad (TelBru), has been tasked to certify 350 participants in six different programmes, Hjh Hasnah binti Hj Azri, the company’s General Manager said yesterday.

The five-day programme also involves participants who are currently attending the CompTIA A+ course. At the end of the programme, the participants will be required to attend an extra half-day of mock exams so as to ensure a high passing rate.

The AITI ICT Competency Programme components are Cisco CCNA, CompTIA, Microsoft Windows Server and Project Management Professionals.