Book: Wild Orchids of Brunei Darussalam

Title : Wild Orchids of Borneo: Brunei Darussalam
Authors : Idris Mohd. Said & Mahmud Sudin
ISBN : 978-967-5224-25-6
Year : 2011
Price : RM 240.00 (paperback), RM250.00 (hardback)
This book is meant to provide information on the wild orchids of Brunei Darussalam without putting the full scientific details (e.g. citation of synonyms, taxonomic classification and taxonomic keys). It is meant for orchids enthusiasts and laymen who depend on photographs and simple description for identifying orchids. The description maybe technical but the use of botanical terms has been reduced to make reading easier for the ordinary readers. The orchids genera presented in the main text are arranged in alphabetical order and not in any classification system

Contact: penerbitums

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