24 new titles for 28th National Day

Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka Brunei is to launch 24 new titles during the opening ceremony of the Brunei Book Festival on 25 February 2012 to mark the National Day.

The authors are Awg Hj A Mohammad bin Hj Timbang, Prof Madya Dr Awg Hj Asbol, Dyg Hjh Zuslina, Dr Hjh Rayah, Hj Awg Adanan, Awg Mohd Aliyusni, Awg Hj Masri, Awg Sun Tze Yun, Awg Hj Abd Aziz Al-Hakeem, Awg Hj Md Yusuf, Awg Hj Jamaluddin, Awg Hj Ibrahim, Awg Hj Duming@Domeng, Awg Hj Mohd Arripin, Shaikh Mahmud, Awg Srinarawie, Dyg Sabariah, Dyg Fatimah, Awg Kasim, Ak Walliyuddin, Dyg Tainun, Awg Hj Ali Asnan, Awg Mohammad Rezuan and Pg Kamarul Zaman.


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