BLA Publications
1994-Wadah, Nov-Dec
1994-who’s who in Librarianship
1995-wadah, 1-3
2001-wadah, March
2003-Senarai Pegawai/kakitangan perpustakaan (kementerian/jabatan/institute pengajian tinggi/sekolah teknikal dan vokasional)
2004-wadah, 1-3
2008-Wadah Perpustakaan, 1 – present
2009-Register of professional librarians
2009-National library association CONSAL
2009-Directory of Library and Information Science Programmes in CONSAL
2009-Brunei Books in Publication 2008
2009-University and higher education institutions : librarians and library staff 2008
2009-Masterlist of librarians and Archivists
2009-Proceedings of National Symposium on Library Development, 1-2 July 2008

CONSAL Regional Projects

2003 CONSAL Directory of Experts in Library, Information and Related fields

2009 CONSAL EB Members & Database

2009 National Library Associations in CONSAL Countries

2009 Directory of LIS Programmes in CONSAL Countries

2009 Handbook of Library & Librarian Awards in CONSAL Countries

2009 Islamic Libraries, Resource & Cultural Centres

2012 Islam in ASEAN: a cultural bibliography

2015 Key Officers in National Library Associations in CONSAL

2019 CONSAL EB Members from 2000-2018

2020 Bibliography on Traditional Cultures

2020 Leading Women in CONSAL Countries